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Slayer's Journal

All men r not created equal

6 May
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yea, im 16. i drive. i play guitar and bass, right now iv got 3 guitars(2 electric, 1 accoustic) and 2 basses(1 5-string, 1 4-string that im building a new neck for). im really into heavy/death metal but ill listen to nething(except rap, thats just wrong). i play alot of computer games, right now its medal of honor allied assault. soon it will b half life 2 and medal of honor pacific assault. im over 6 feet tall, i have brown eyes and brown hair(i wish they were both blue). im a patriot fan, but im always glad to cheer for a team playing the packers. i love running, during track i run sprints and hurdels and hopefully this year ill do high and tripple jump.